Top Ways To Gain Muscle While Losing Fat

Top Ways To Gain Muscle While Losing Fat

A lot of the tips on gaining muscle you can find is made for skinny people who want to gain both weight and mass. If you’re the type who gets fat easily, then those tips can do you more harm than good. Let us run down some basic tips which can get you pointed to the right direction. So here’s our top ways to gain muscle while losing fat safely.

1. High Weight, High Reps

Increasing the amount of weight you carry and the amount of reps you do can significantly change how your body works. High reps help in maintaining an elevated heart rate, which can help in a steady flow of calorie burning. Also, since you’ll be building resistance with your increased repetitions, your muscles will be hungry for carbs. Lifting more means your body will learn to take in more carbs for recovering your sore muscles.

This process helps greatly with promoting insulin sensitivity. Having a mediocre insulin sensitivity may be the reason why you’re not losing that much weight when weight training. It might be the reason your flabs still haven’t turned into abs. Note that you can increase your volume regularly for as much as your body can handle. This ensures the best turnout for you to reach your muscle goals.

2. Slow down on the carbs

While your body may need carbs, having it while your body is at rest isn’t a good thing. Removing it from your meals entirely isn’t going to help either. Regulating the amount of carbs you take and the time you take it can lead to great results. Carbs can help produce insulin, and having insulin while your body is inactive can cause these sugars to be stored as fat. Yes, insulin can be a good thing though. It helps promote and increase your amino acid uptake.

That’s why taking carbs after workout is advised. This is to ensure that the carbs that enters your body gets transported into your muscles and your liver tissue. This is to make sure that your body only uses it to recover, and not to be stored as fat. Try to take in healthy fats early in the morning and get carbs in your system after your training.

Complex carbs should only be taken when your body is better sensitized to handling carbs. Cyclic dextrin can also be useful in getting your carbs into the right track by helping with protein synthesis.

3. Heat Therapy

Getting your core temperature up can also help with insulin sensitivity. This is due to the fact that heat therapy suppresses inflammation, helping your muscles recover while keeping your insulin at bay. You might be hearing it a lot, but anything that helps with insulin sensitivity is what you should set your sights on.

Some types of heat therapy include the sauna, hot bath, or even heat wraps. What you’re trying to do is to get your cells to respond to the heat. This improves the blood flow which helps in combating inflammation and aiding muscle recovery. While the same effects can also be achieved in an ice bath, the cold isn’t really a good choice for relaxation.

Adding some sauna days to your post-gym workouts can help in reducing that unwanted fat during muscle training. It not only helps in healing your achy muscles, it also helps maintain your blood sugar.

4. Taking a good look at Brown Fat

If you’re thinking that all fat is just fat and unhealthy, then you might want to take a look at brown fat. There are 2 main types of fat: White and Brown. White fat helps regulate a lot of things in your body, but when they go out of control, so does your size. They can mess with your insulin sensitivity, increase inflammation, and even cause heart problems. With all of the information we’ve talked about above, that’s really not what we want. If white fat is bad, how can brown fat be any better?

Brown fat, or as people call it “good fat”, is what helps your body turn what it eats into heat. This means lesser fat deposits, more heat control, which leads to better insulin sensitivity. If your body is already at a point that there’s only a little white fat left, you may already have a good amount of bad fat.

So how do you get brown fat, you ask? Workout! There have been several studies that prove that increased body activity can lower white fat cells while increasing brown fat cells. If you’re reading this, then you might already be doing this step anyways.

Other ways of getting it lies with eating spicy food. Hot food suppresses appetite while keeping your body heated up. Again, this effect is best achieved with cooling your body down. But odd enough, heating your body up does the same thing.

5. Eat the right food

Good choice of food is one of the best things you can change in order to lose weight effectively during training. Drinking green tea can also help with increasing your core temperature while detoxifying your system. Adding cinnamon to your drinks and food can also help with creating a better insulin response. It can also copy the way insulin pushes nutrients into the muscles, even in the absence of it. Other good choices would be oily fish and grass-fed red meat for Omega-3 and Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA).

You can also opt for healthy diet supplements that can help your body get the right nutrients without eating all the food needed to get them. This works exceptionally well for people with heavy routines as they can just take carb supplements instead of eating it. You can also try getting Cyanidin 3-Glucoside (C3G) which helps in diverting carbs into nutrients and keep it from being turned into fat. This can be taken before carb-filled meals or after workouts for best effects. Just following a strict diet plan and a good workout routine can get you the results you need. So just be patient and work your butt off and you’ll get there soon.